Stardust by Neil Gaiman Review

After reading The Graveyard Book (review here) I just had to pick up Stardust in Waterstones. I wasn’t disappointed – its a great novel! Summary from Goodreads :


‘Hopelessly crossed in love, a boy of half-fairy parentage leaves his mundane Victorian-English village on a quest for a fallen star in the magical realm. The star proves to be an attractive woman with a hot temper, who plunges with our hero into adventures featuring witches, the lion and the unicorn, plotting elf-lords, ships that sail the sky, magical transformations, curses whose effects rebound, binding conditions with hidden loopholes and all the rest’




Stardust is a very short read – I read it in one setting, but the only issue I had with this is that it was over too quickly – I wanted more. It starts with the english town of Wall, that happens to border Faery and the market that they share with the faeries once every nine years. On this particular market, a boy from Wall impregnants a faery and then 9 months later a baby appears on his doorstep.

Eighteen years later, Tristran is hopelessly in love with Victoria, the most beautiful girl in Wall. To win her heart and hand in marriage he swears to bring her a star they saw falling to the Earth. The star though, turns out to be a girl – Yvaine who is on the run from a evil Witch-Queen desperate to cut out her heart and eat it in order to retain her youth.  Tristran and Yvaine have to navigate their way through faery, staying alive and maybe falling in love.

Neil Gaiman is a genius. This book is amazing, beautifully written, well crafted characters and of course Faery, which is brought to life by Gaiman. Stardust captivated me, Neil Gaiman has created a excellent fairytale and I will definitely be re-reading Stardust. The only issue I had was that it wasn’t long enough. Sequel please?


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