Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Its basically a list of top tens and this week is the top ten bookish confessions! Ahh this is going to be cringy.

  1. I probably spend more money on books then I do on clothes. I’m awful. If I go to the supermarket, I grab a book, if I’m ordering from Amazon I buy a book. I can’t resist the lure of books!
  2. I haven’t borrowed a book from the library for a long time. Why? Because I am absolutely rubbish at giving them back. Last time I borrowed A Tree Grows in Brooklyn I got a whopper £50 fine!
  3. I can’t spell. I have a tab open on the internet all the time purely for writing things like ‘How do you spell definitely?’ and ‘How many f’s does difference have?’.
  4. I hide books that I’m embarrased off in a draw underneath my bed. (Mary-Kate and Ashley books anyone?’
  5. In middle school, I’d make my friends play hide and seek, then I would hide in the library reading books all lunch. They’d never find me!
  6. I’m slightly obsessed with my book shelfs looking ‘right’. If anyone moves a book, I know and I have to put it back in its original place!
  7. I used to read by torchlight, under the covers late at night, so that if my parents came to check on me I could pretend I was asleep quickly!
  8. When I was little (really little) I decided that I was Harry Potters daughter, imaginatively named Harriet Potter. I used to throw letters out my window for my ‘owl’ to catch, but all it really did was annoy my neighbours.
  9. I judge a book by its cover. I know its bad, but I just love a good cover. But I don’t discriminate, if I love the blurb and the cover is awful, I will buy the book.
  10. Since I’ve started blogging, I’ve got a lot more brave with reading books that are outside my favourite genres. And I love it – its opened my eyes to hundreds of books that I would have never read before.


Laura 🙂

9 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday

  1. OH MY GOSH! I can never spell definitely. I always see that little red squiggly line under it and I just can’t ever remember how to spell it! UGH!!

    I’d also like to borrow more from the library but I can never remember to return them.

  2. I totally spend more money on books than clothes – Easily! I stalk the bookstores and hardly visit clothing stores… Which is now becoming necessary lol.
    I totally hear you on the bookshelves! I hate when people but my things back in the wrong place and I WILL notice haha.

  3. #5 is so cute! I would hang out in the library in high school sometimes. And I love your Harriet Potter story. Great confessions!

  4. I another suffered of #3. Sometimes my spelling is so bad that microsoft word doesn’t know what world I’m trying to spell. I usually have to resort to the thesaurus.

  5. I would have loved you as a neighbor! That is awesome!

    I mostly want covers to tell me something about the book. I “judge” books that just have random stuff or unoriginal stuff on them. If there’s a just a sword, all I know if that there’s fighting and it might be fantasy. But that doesn’t stand out as particularly interesting, so I move on.

    Book shopping is definitely the most interesting type of shopping.

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