What is your favourite thing about blogging? | Book Blogger Hop



My favourite thing about blogging is the community. I love books, I’ve always loved books yet I have never met anyone that has shared my passion for them. The book blogging community has changed that for me. Knowing that there are hundreds of people out there who love books, seeing other people getting excited about book release dates and getting ideas for my TBR pile is just something really special and something I absolutely love about blogging.

I entered this hop over at crazy-for-books

Laura 🙂

7 thoughts on “What is your favourite thing about blogging? | Book Blogger Hop

    1. No same here – my friends and family have no idea when I’m sitting there squealing about new books/favourite authors. I’m so glad that I can just log on here and immerse myself in the book world!
      Laura 🙂 xx

    1. Thank you – I like your idea too – seeing the way different bloggers blog is always interesting! Thanks for stopping by
      Laura 🙂 xx

  1. My answer as well-all my life I have loved reading but I never really knew anyone else who shared by passion until I discovered the book blog world about four years ago

    1. Same – I only discovered them a yearish ago and it was like christmas!! I could’nt believe there were so many other people who loved books as much as I do! Thank you for commenting.
      Laura 🙂 xx

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